Treated Yellow Sapphire
Treated Pukhraj
(Treated Pukhraj)
Natural Yellow Sapphire
Natural Yellow Sapphire
(Natural Pukhraj)
Pukhraj Gemstone

Pukhraj stone

Pukhraj Stone (Yellow Sapphire)

Yellow sapphire is the name given to the more –or-less yellow variety of the mineral corundum After analyzing chemically, it is proved that aluminium, hydrovisil and florin are present in it along with trace elements of iron. This is how they get their beautiful color. As with all sapphires, they are incredibly tough and scratch resistant, and rate 9 on the Mohs scale Pukhraj Stone is found in yellow, golden, and orange colors, as well as in a colorless variety known as white sapphire (Safed Pukhraj). The best gem is said to be of lemon yellow color gemstone.

Guru Brihaspati for Pukhraj Stone Pukhraj Stone is stated to be the most crucial and benevolent gemstone by the virtue of its auspicious association with coercive planet Jupiter. Jupiter acts as teacher among all the planets and it carries attributes like wealth, sound health, prosperity, wisdom for its wearer. It is acknowledged to be the most auspicious planet. The gemstone related to Jupiter is-the yellow sapphire which is most beneficial to the natives of the Sagittarius and Pisces signs of the zodiac.

Moreover, it is one of its kind of stone which suits everyone, hence everyone should try this stone once in their lifetime.

Hindi name for yellow sapphire is Pukhraj

Sanskrit name for Pukhraj Stone is Pusparaga, Guru-Ratna, Puspa-Raja, Vascapati vallabha,
Brihaspati Planet for Pukhraj stone

Planet for Pukhraj stone

Brihaspati Planet for Pukhraj Stone In ancient Hindu literature Brihaspati is a Vedic era sage who counsels the gods, Brihaspati planet known as largest planet Jupiter.

Origin of pukhraj stone

Pukhraj Stone is found India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, East Africa, United States and Brazil.

Pukhraj Stone is helpful in diseases

The Blue Cosmic Rays of a Pukhraj Stone is helpful in diseases like – Goiter, Cholera, Small-pox, Palpitation, Vomiting, Dysentery, Diarrhoea, Jaundice, Colic, Inflammations in various parts of the body, Emotional Shocks – especially due to faithlessness and tonsils.

Though it may seem amazing but Pukhraj Stone emits light blue cosmic rays. When viewed through a prism it exhibits a very soothing light blue colour. This has a connection with the planet Jupiter which presides over the life principle in all human beings. Jupiter signifies the Fat System, and all glands of the body.
Benefits of Pukhraj Stone

Benefits of Pukhraj Stone

Ayurved, the ancient Indian scripture dealing with medicine, tells about a number of users of yellow sapphire arc (Pushpa ragbhasma) these are – it can remove the effects of poison, improve intelligence and make a person wise. It improves the mental power and is a good medicine for loss of Appetite, Indigestion, Leprosy and Piles.

All problem related with Kapha (water) and Vayu (air) are controlled by the correct use of the Ashes of Yellow Sapphire.

In astrology Pukhraj Stone is recommended for wearing in following diseases caused by a weak Jupiter in the horoscope. These are poor memory, lack of interest in studies, obesity, hypocrisy, insanity, swellings of all kinds, liver problems.

It improves the administrative abilities and influence in general. A good thing for power hungry people. But on the negative side it increases ambition some times to an excessive level nearing mania.

The Blue Cosmic Rays emitted by a Pukhraj Stone have a disinfecting and disinflaming properties. It reduces inflammation and has a cooling, soothing and inhibiting effect on the individual. It can be used for bringing down fever, stopping bleeding, inducing rest and sleep. Inflammations can be reduced, pains can be removed and tempers can be cooled by the proper use of a Yellow Sapphire which has a strong Aura and has never been used by anyone before.

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Tests for Identification of a Real Pukhraj stone

When placed on a white cloth and exposed to sunlight, it gives yellow hue to the spot where the light is reflected.

If kept in milk for twenty-four hours it does not change color.
It cures poisonous insect bites immediately if rubbed on the afflicted area.
Sapphire is among the most durable gemstones. In its common form, corundum is even used as an abrasive! Clean your sapphire with warm water, detergent, and a soft brush. Sapphire can be put in ultrasonic or steam cleaners.

Rituals for wearing a Pukhraj Stone

Pukhraj Stone should be embedded in gold ring in such a way that it touches your skin.The ring is to be worn in index finger.

Before wearing Pukhraj Stone, dip it into cow milk or Gangajal for at least 10 minutes.
A Pukhraj Stone should be worn on a Thursday, in an ascending moon cycle and when the Pushya Nakshatra is present. Yellow Sapphire should be worn chanting the mantra Mantra: "Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namaha".

HOW TO WEAR Pukhraj Stone

GangaJal for Pukhraj Stone Honey for Pukhraj Stone Cow Milk for Pukhraj Stone Wearing a Pukhraj Stone leads you to happiness, laughter, success and luck. But it is very important to wear the gemstones at a proper, auspicious time and day. One needs to follow the instructions for wear pukhraj stone to get guarantee the benefits of this Jupiter gemstone.

Who should wear Pukhraj Stone

• The gem of Jupiter is Pukhraj Stone or Yellow Sapphire. To empower Jupiter one should wear Pukhraj or Yellow sapphire in index finger

• The planet Jupiter rules two houses i.e. Sagittarius and Pisces . To strengthen your ascendant you should wear Pukhraj Stone in index finger.

• When your ascendant is Aries or Cancer then your ninth house ,the house of luck is ruled by Jupiter , the gem of Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire. To empower your ninth house you should wear Pukhraj Stone in index finger.

• When your ascendant is Leo or Scorpio then your fifth house ,the house of luck is ruled by Jupiter , the gem of Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire. To empower your fifth house you should wear Pukhraj Stone in index finger.

• The philosophers, surgeons, writers, teachers, speakers, politicians, and scientists are recommended to use Pukhraj to get outstanding achievement in life and career.

• Students who are appearing for IIT, IAS, and MBA etc.

• Those who want stability and improvement in some areas

• Those desirous of acquiring wealth and status in life

• Those facing problems in getting married or in settling after marriage

• Those running the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Jupiter.

• Those suffering due to affliction of the Jupiter

• Obesity, hypocrisy, insanity, swellings of all kinds, liver problems Pancreas disorders, skin problems, jaundice, tumors etc can be cured by wearing Pukhraj Stone

• Pukhraj Stone also works as a medicine in heart attacks, unconsciousness and swelling problem

• Pukhraj Stone is also recommended for those who have poor memory and lack interest in studies

Punarvasu, Visaka, Poorvabhadrapada star, dansu rasi, meena rasi

Weight of Pukhraj Stone

You can wear 5.25 Ratti to 7.25 Ratti according to age and weight of Person (Jatak)

Colour of Pukhraj Stone

Pukhraj Stone color should be light yellow (Halka Peela) and Transparent color means non heated and non treated. Pukhraj Stone should be natural without any treated of this stone.

Metal of Pukhraj Stone

Pukhraj stone should be wear in metal like Gold, Silver and Panch Dhatu. Metal for Pukhraj Stone

How much carat should be wear to child.

Child should be wear pukhraj stone in the form of pendant 3.25 ratti to 4.25 ratti. Day for Pukhraj Stone

Day and Time of Pukhraj Stone

For Good Astrological Effects , One should wear Pukhraj Stone on Thursday Morning before 7.30 am.

Puja for Pukhraj stone

Dip Pukhraj Stone ring in milk, Desi Ghee, Honey and Ganga Jal for one hour and Do Puja for the name of Guru Deva and close your eyes and chanting mantras 108 times ““ Om ! Graam Greem Groom Sah Guruve Namah” after this ritual then take ring and clean with Ganga jal then wear in Index Finger of Right Hand in a Gold or Panch Dhatu ring.

Effect of Pukhraj stone

After wearing Pukhraj stone within 40 days you will see better and much better results. Finger for Pukhraj Stone

Pukhraj stone finger.

According to Famous Astrologer generally Pukhraj stone should be worn in Index Finger on right hand and Pendant should be wear child age of 5 year to 15 year.

Different Mantras for Pukhraj stone for abhimantran.

Aum shree ganeshaye namah.
Aum gang ganpate namah.
After that recite Guru mantra for minimum 9 times(you can recite as much as you want). Aum grang greeng grong sah gurve namah.
Aum bring Brihaspate namah.
After reciting above mantra wear, if it is Ring, in first finger (right finger for male and left for female) and pendant around the neck in yellow thread or chain of any metal.

Benefits of wearing a Pukhraj Stone

• Pukhraj Stone brings wealth,status respect and prosperity to its wearer.
• Pukhraj Stone is highly beneficial for people in administrative,judicial ,management and top level influential jobs.
• Pukhraj Stone benefits people in the Education sector like Scholars,Teachers etc as it is symbolic of Jupiter (Guru).
• Medically Pukhraj Stone is said to cure chronic diseases.
• Pukhraj Stone benefits childless couples.
• Pukhraj Stone removes hurdles in getting married
• Pukhraj Stone gives successful marriages and happiness from marriage.
• Pukhraj Stone improves the functioning of mind, person becomes a better thinker and decision maker.
• Pukhraj Stone helps us in getting favours from the Government and from big people comes easy.
• Pukhraj Stone also helps in education; improve mental power and success in any competitive exam.
It is one of the most sought after “Precious Gemstone” in India. It is often used in names as parents find their children as important as this Gem. Many famous personalities like – Mallika Pukhraj, Pukhraj Singh Tomar, PUKHRAJ STONE Jeet Singh have Pukhraj Stone as part of their names.

The PUKHRAJ STONE is considered to be the Gemstone of JUPITER. In Hindu Astrology Jupiter is the planet that signifies all material wealth, fame and respect that the person commands. This is precisely what everyone is craving for – so this Gemstone is widely recommended across the globe where Hindu Astrology is practiced.

PUKHRAJ STONE is an eye soothing and rich looking Gemstone. If is seen in the hands of majority of the ambitious people who want to raise their position in life. Worn in right hand index finger it looks like a dress code in top administrative meeting which are attended by IAS, IPS, Ministers and Army Top Brass.
Best place to buy pukhraj stone is Gemselections.
This is acquired by candidates appearing for IAS, Judicial Services, IIT, MBA etc

This is the Ruler of zodiac sign Pieces i.e., Meena and Sagittarius i.e., Dhanu so those who have these signs as Ascendant or Moon Sign must wear this Gemstone.

This Gemstone is additionally recommended for people who have Jupiter placed in their Ascendant, Fifth House or Ninth House.

I have been recommending Pukhraj Stone i.e., Yellow Sapphire since very beginning of my career as an Astrologer – I have seen amazing results of this sacred Gemstone in three areas of life:
1.  Happy Married life,
2.  Professional Success,
3.  Wealth accumulation.

Pukhraj is a Saatvic Gemstone it develops positive energy in the person. This Gemstone helps without fail in: 1.  Development of Mental Powers,
2.  Education,
3.  Desire for Education,
4.  Success in Academic, Professional and Competitive Examination.

Pankaj Khanna

PUKHRAJ Pukhraj Gemstone

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